Elizabeth and Nathan Get Their Happy Ending — But ‘Bad News’ Is In Store Leading Into When Calls the Heart Season 12 (2024)

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Hearties, if you’re excited to watch the Season 11 finale and eager to discover when When Calls the Heart will return for Season 12, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn everything to know about When Calls the Heart Season 12, including what’s in store for Elizabeth and Nathan’s romance.

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When Calls the Heart is Hallmark Channel’s drama series following Elizabeth Thatcher, a young teacher accustomed to her high-society life who receives her first classroom assignment in Coal Valley (now named Hope Valley), a small coal-mining town in western Canada where life is simple but not without its challenges. The show, which premiered in July 2014, is based on Janette Oke’s novelof the same title from herCanadian Westbook series.

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The beloved series is gearing up to air its Season 11 finale on Sunday, June 23, 2024, at 9 p.m. So far, this season has become the most-watched entertainment cable program every week for four straight weeks with women 18+. Season 11 has earned 4.7 million unduplicated total viewers across 2.1 million households, 2.5 million total viewers, and 1.8 million women 18+, per Nielsen ratings.

Season 11 of When Calls the Heart has been a rollercoaster ride for Hearties. We’ve seen Rosemary and Bill team up to find Lucas’ killer, the surprise return of Lucas’ past lover Jeanette, and Elizabeth and Nathan finally kiss after a long build-up all season long. With all this excitement, anticipation is high for When Calls the Heart Season 12. Dive into everything we know so far, including the potential release date, returning cast members, and any hints about the plot.

IsWhen Calls the Heart renewed for Season 12?

Elizabeth and Nathan Get Their Happy Ending — But ‘Bad News’ Is In Store Leading Into When Calls the Heart Season 12 (2)

IsWhen Calls the Heart renewed for Season 12? Yes, the Hallmark Channel renewed When Calls the Heart for Season 12 in May 2024. Erin Krakow, the lead star and executive producer of Hallmark’s longest-running series, weighed in on the exciting news.

“I am overjoyed that When Calls the Heart is coming back for a 12th season,” the actress said in a statement, per Variety. “Our fantastic writers, cast, and crew couldn’t be more excited to begin filming this next season! We are proud to tell stories that warm hearts in homes around the world and so grateful to Hallmark for being such champions of that positivity. Having the Hearties’ support over the past decade has been a true testament to what this show is all about: community and love. We cannot wait for our fans to see what Hope Valley has in store!”

Production for When Calls the HeartSeason 12 is slated to begin in July 2024 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Who’s in the When Calls the Heart Season 12 cast?

Elizabeth and Nathan Get Their Happy Ending — But ‘Bad News’ Is In Store Leading Into When Calls the Heart Season 12 (3)

Who’s in the When Calls the Heart Season 12 cast? Hallmark Channel has not confirmed the Season 12 cast, but most of the Season 11 characters are expected to return, including Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thornton, Kevin McGarry as Nathan Grant, Chris McNally as Lucas Bouchard, Jack Wagner as Billy Avery, Pascale Hutton as Rosemary Lee, Kavan Smith as Lee Coulter, Viv Leaco*ck plays Pastor Joseph, Natasha Burnett as Amelia, and more.

It’s currently unknown whether Kayla Wallace will return to When Calls the Heart in Season 12. The actress was missing from the current season after being cast in Taylor Sheridan’s new Paramount+ series Landman. WCTH Showrunner Lindsay Sturman addressed Wallace’s absence in an interview with Soapsin April. “The truth of the matter,” shared Stewart, “is that the amazing Kayla Wallace, who plays Fiona, unsurprisingly has had some interesting opportunities in her life, which hopefully we will all learn more about in the [coming] months.”

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In the show, it was explained that Fiona was off helping her fellow Suffragettes secure the right of women to vote. While Fiona may be gone, she and her portrayer have not been forgotten. “Of course, we all want [Kayla] to go out there and see what life has for her. Having said that, there’s no reason she can’t come back and visit.” After all, the scribe concluded, “Once you’ve lived in Hope Valley, you’re always welcome to come home!”

What will happen inWhen Calls the HeartSeason 12?

Elizabeth and Nathan Get Their Happy Ending — But ‘Bad News’ Is In Store Leading Into When Calls the Heart Season 12 (4)

What will happen inWhen Calls the HeartSeason 12? The next season of When Calls the Heartwill pick up after Season 11, Episode 12, “Anything for Love.” Season 12 will likely explore Elizabeth and Nathan’s new romantic relationship after the couple confessed their feelings for one another and kissed in Episode 11.

Ahead of the finale, Krakow told TVInsiderthat hearties will get a “full episode to really enjoy the afterglow.” McGarry adds, “They get their honeymoon phase. Everybody’s been like, why are they constantly getting interrupted? What’s going on? What’s going on? So finally when it happens, we give the fans [Episode] 12 to get a glimpse of what life is going to be like.”

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As for what will happen between the pair in Season 12, McGarry teased that Elizabeth and Nathan news at the end of the finale regarding Elizabeth’s late husband, Jack Thornton, will play a part in next season’s storyline. “You have to understand what the climax is at the end of this season. So tune in because I hope they’re able to deal with bad news and move forward.”

Meanwhile, Krakow told the site that in Season 12, she is hoping that Elizabeth gets the opportunity to “loosen up a little bit and maybe be a little more silly or free or just maybe get to see a different side of Elizabeth and maybe that will come out of this new love she’s feeling.”

On June 16, Hallmark released a sneak peek of “Anything For Love.” During the anticipated finale, a “wedding celebration brings heightened emotions and surprises,” Nathan and Elizabeth will “exchange secrets,” and Rosemary and Lee will Pitch Lucas “an idea for the future of Hope Valley,” the official synopsis reads.

So far, fans are excited to see where Elizabeth and Nathan’s new chapter will go. “This scene alone was worth the 6 YEAR wait …the flirtation & chemistry is SOOOO much more than she ever had with Lucas,” one user wrote in the YouTube comments. Another added, “This is all I ever wanted, those 4 together it makes me so happy to finally see it happen!”

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The anticipation comes after Krakow called Elizabeth and Nathan are “soulmates” in a recent interview with Us Weekly. “I do think Elizabeth and Nathan are soulmates. We can use that word,” she said. Her co-star McGarry agreed that their characters are “end game.” But one question remains: How will Lucas and others in the town react to the news?

When does When Calls the Heart return for Season 12?

Elizabeth and Nathan Get Their Happy Ending — But ‘Bad News’ Is In Store Leading Into When Calls the Heart Season 12 (5)

When does When Calls the Heart return for Season 12? Hallmark Channel has not announced a release date for Season 12 of When Calls the Heart. Based on the release schedule of previous seasons, the next installment will likely return in the spring of 2025. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about Season 12.

When Calls the Heart is available to stream on Peaco*ck.

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Elizabeth and Nathan Get Their Happy Ending — But ‘Bad News’ Is In Store Leading Into When Calls the Heart Season 12 (2024)
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