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10 of the Best Restaurants in O'Fallon, Missouri - Bizticles (1)

If you need a handy list of the best restaurants in O’Fallon, Missouri, the following compilation of places to eat is especially for you.

1. JJ’s Restaurant

JJ’s Restaurant is a long-standing American restaurant serving exquisite dishes and setting the standard for exceptional customer service. It has been in operation since 1995, giving it over 25 years of experience in the ever-changing food industry. JJ’s Restaurant also has daily specials if customers want to try something new each day.

Check out the JJ’s Restaurant menu to order buffalo wings, toasted ravioli, taco salad, JJ’s famous chili, jalapeño bacon cheeseburger, chicken quesadilla, and pulled BBQ pork nachos. It also serves chimichangas, pasta con broccoli, pulled pork sliders, crispy chicken sandwiches, turkey clubs, lemon-peppered fish, and fajita chicken wraps.

Use the location section on the JJ’s Restaurant homepage to contact a representative.

2. The Brass Rail Steakhouse

The Brass Rail Steakhouse provides its customers with a selection of handmade steaks, pasta dishes, and seafood. It also offers offsite catering services for large (150+ attendees) or small (15-99 attendees) guest lists, including buffet services, bartending, buffet area organization, and onsite grilling.

Browse through The Brass Rail Steakhouse menu to order smoked chicken wings, brass nachos, coconut shrimp, steak nachos, grilled steak salad, grilled salmon salad, and hand-cut ribeye. The restaurant also serves filet mignon, New York strip steak, chicken alfredo, Cajun chicken & shrimp pasta, BBQ burger, fish sandwich, and steak wrap.

Reach out to The Brass Rail Steakhouse through the contact section on the footer of its homepage.

3. Stefanina’s Pizzeria & Restaurant

Stefanina’s Pizzeria & Restaurant features classic Italian dishes that patrons can enjoy in a cozy and elegant dining area. It began business in 1981 under the guidance of Stefanina Vitale Roderick, whose family continues to run the restaurant to this day, ensuring the same high levels of quality and service.

Scan the Stefanina’s Pizzeria & Restaurant dinner menu for its baked ravioli, fettuccini, cannelloni, pasta primavera, bakes spaghetti, lasagna, tortellini, mostaccioli, Italian soup, baked meatballs, and house salad. It also serves meatball sandwiches, grilled chicken, roast beef, Italian hamburgers, bacon cheeseburger pizzas, vegetable pizzas, and ribeye steaks.

Learn about Stefanina’s Pizzeria & Restaurant by contacting a team member directly through its contact page.

4. Sushi Ai

Sushi Ai is a Japanese restaurant that offers dishes in a warm and comfortable dine-in area. It features a broad range of flavorful meals, giving customers plenty of tasty options. Furthermore, Sushi Ai offers outstanding hospitality and great prices, contributing to high customer satisfaction.

Look through the Sushi Ai menu to order spicy miso soup, seared tuna salad, shrimp tempura, soft shell crab tempura, salmon roll, California roll, red clam, spicy scallop, and sweet shrimp. It also features mackerel, crab, eel, yellow tail, steak teriyaki, vegetable udon, salmon & scallop hibachi, and steak hibachi fried rice.

Get in touch with Sushi Ai through the contact section on its homepage.

5. Jose’peños

Jose’peños is a traditional Mexican restaurant offering authentic and flavorsome Mexican meals. The restaurant receives a lot of positive testimonials from previous customers, many of which praise its welcoming atmosphere and appetizing dishes. Jose’peños can also cater for events, from casual get-togethers to corporate lunches.

Head to the Jose’peños restaurant dinner menu to order shredded chicken quesadillas, grilled nachos, buffalo wings, shrimp enchiladas, shrimp tacos, and pork chimichangas. It also offers fajita taco salad, ribeye steak with ranchero sauce, carne asada, chicken & shrimp fajita, and a Mexican pork sandwich.

Contact a Jose’peños representative through its contact page.

6. Thai Gourmet Restaurant

Thai Gourmet Restaurant is a quaint, family-friendly eatery that serves a large selection of Thai cuisine. Customers can enjoy their orders with the services of friendly and diligent staff. In addition, Thai Gourmet Restaurant also has a good selection of sweet desserts, including the traditional sticky rice with mango.

Peruse the Thai Gourmet Restaurant menu to purchase chicken satay, Thai rolls, Thai dumplings, crispy rolls, crabs, tom yum soup, wonton soup, glass noodle salad, Thai Gourmet salad, and dry BBQ pork noodles. It also serves seafood noodle soup, green curry noodles, peanut sauce noodles, pineapple fried rice, and a seafood hot pot.

Send a message to Thai Gourmet Restaurant through the contact section of its homepage.

7. La juicy Seafood

La juicy Seafood features colorful and mouth-watering seafood using an exotic blend of Cajun-style seasoning and spices. It has three locations across the United States, one being in O’Fallon, Missouri, where it serves a large range of dinner and dessert options for its customers.

Click on the La juicy Seafood menu to order lobster tails, blue crabs, snow crab legs, king crab legs, black mussels, scallops, fried oyster rolls, and boiled shrimp with sausages. It also offers patrons fried catfish baskets, lobster rolls, seafood pasta, crab cakes, fried calamari, and fried clam baskets.

If you are interested in La juicy Seafood, head to the contact section of its location page to speak with a team member.

8. Tully’s Taproom

Good vibes and live music ensure patrons have a fun dining experience at the Tully’s Taproom Irish restaurant. The history of Tully’s Taproom began in 2016, and since its founding, it has become well-regarded due to the diligence of its staff and delicious meals.

Tully’s Taproom’s menu includes chicken wings, bacon cheeseburger pizzas, BBQ chicken pizzas, chicken quesadillas, jumbo all-beef hot dogs, and bacon cheddar burgers. The restaurant also serves BBQ chicken nachos, buffalo wraps, chicken strips, toasted ravioli, and Margherita pizzas.

Keen to contact Tully’s Taproom? Then scroll down to the contact section of its homepage to contact a staff member.

9. El Tio Pepe Mexican Restaurant

El Tio Pepe Mexican Restaurant has served customers for over two decades, crafting traditionally Mexican dishes using fresh ingredients. The restaurant began with Jose Jara, who set the standard for offering outstanding hospitality with a friendly smile. In addition, the restaurant has an extensive drinks menu to help you make the most of your meal.

The El Tio Pepe Mexican Restaurant menu (accessible through the header of its homepage) includes pork & pineapple tacos, fish tacos, nachos, marinated steaks with grilled onions, skirt steaks with guacamole, chicken wings, and burritos. It also has chimichangas, Mexican breakfast-styled eggs, quesadillas, taco salads, and tostadas.

Are you eager to learn about El Tio Pepe Mexican Restaurant? Then use the phone number on the footer of its homepage to contact a representative.

10. KiTARO Bistro of Japan

Specializing in cooking fresh sushi and delectable steaks, KiTARO Bistro of Japan has dishes available for any palate. It offers a unique dine-in experience that introduces a modern and theatrical flair to the traditional Japanese steakhouse. Moreover, it also has a full bar, making it an ideal destination for socializing.

The KiTARO Bistro of Japan menus includes seafood such as smoked salmon, crab, shrimp, fried calamari, yellow tail tuna, fried red snapper, eel, and scallop. It also serves prime cut strip steak, teriyaki chicken, grilled filet, pork and vegetables with sweet chili sauce, Japanese noodles with zucchini, and shrimp fried rice.

Do you want to contact KiTARO Bistro of Japan? Then use its contact form to send a message.

10 of the Best Restaurants in O'Fallon, Missouri - Bizticles (2024)
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